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    What to Expect on Your Wedding Day

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Even when you have the perfect wedding reception venue, the perfect caterer, the perfect florist, the perfect photographer, and the perfect coordinator, events are likely to occur on your wedding day that you would have never anticipated. These events are not necessarily bad occurrences, but it is helpful to be aware of their possibility so you aren’t taken off-guard and can prepare to roll with the punches. Here are a few things you should know to expect.

    You Probably Won’t Be Able to Be the First to Share Your Photos

    With Smartphones and social media at everyone’s fingertips, it’s possible that pictures of your ceremony will be live online before you and your new spouse even make it back down the aisle together. Unless you intend to place a ban on all outside sources of technology and collect devices at the door, it’s just something you’ll have to resign yourself to. You can take comfort in knowing, however, that none of those shots are going to compare with the photographer’s that you will get to share first.

    There Will Almost Certainly Be an Issue with Your Menu and At Least One Guest

    Whenever you get a large crowd together, especially for something like a wedding reception, you’re going to run into dietary challenges. Whether a person is vegan, has food allergies, or has some other specific dietary restriction, you’ll want to be prepared. You might consider asking for any special needs with your RSVP, or ask your caterer to prepare something that virtually anyone can eat, regardless of restrictions.

    The Bride is the Main Attraction

    While this may seem a given, many brides are taken aback when complete strangers wave, take pictures, and generally offer the celebrity treatment. That white dress may as well be a spotlight following you around—enjoy it!

    If you’re planning a wedding in Maryland or D.C., contact us at Martin’s Caterers. From the perfect wedding reception venue to catering services for any style and taste, we can help you make your special day everything you hope for. Call (410) 846-1543 today to get started! 

    Stylish Tips for Winter Weddings

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Winter weddings provide an amazing opportunity to do some bold things with your color, theme, and motif. Whether you’re hoping for a show-stopping display of jewel tones and glitz, or a more whimsical and magical feel is the order for your day, you’ll love the ideas you’ll find by watching this video. As you’ll see, you have a great deal to consider when establishing the theme for your wedding, but as the elements come together, the final result can be nothing short of breathtaking.

    At Martin’s Caterers in Baltimore, we can provide the perfect catering and wedding reception venue for whatever winter theme you decide on. We also have locations throughout the Maryland and D.C. areas, so give us a call at (410) 846-1543 to find out how to secure the perfect food and location for your special day. 

    Modern Style at Westminster

    Last updated 1 month ago

    At Martin’s Caterers, we pride ourselves on our many locations throughout Maryland and D.C., designed specifically to meet the needs of large events in the area. Our Westminster location serves parties all across Carroll County, and even some from surrounding areas.

    Whether you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated wedding reception venue or you are in need of an impressive venue for a trade show, party, or other large event, the modern style and design of Westminster is sure to provide just the right atmosphere for your main event. From its stunning spiral staircase to its high capacity capabilities, you’ll love everything about this venue location.

    For more information about Westminster, or any of our other locations in Maryland and D.C., contact the team at Martins Caterers. Just give us a call at (410) 846-1543 or visit us at our website for more information about our venues and catering services.

    Special Congratualtions to all of our December Couples!

    Last updated 1 month ago


                    12/06/14              Patrick and Cheryl 

                    12/06/14              Eric and Sheila 

                    12/06/14              Robert and Tracey 

                    12/06/14              James and Verna 

                    12/13/14              Kyle and Heather 

                    12/13/14              R.J. and Bridget 

                    12/13/14              Ken and Amy 

                    12/20/14              Willie and Gwen 

                    12/20/14              Humphrey and Barbara 

                    12/26/14              Michael and Yelena


                    12/06/14              Joshua and Sarah

                    12/06/14              Timothy and Ashley 

                    12/13/14              Bobby and Kristen 


                    12/13/14              Andrew and Naomi 

                    12/13/14              Keenan and Meilyn

                    12/27/14              Rob and Patty 

                    12/27/14              Archie and Jordan 


                    12/06/14              Johnathan and Ebony 

                    12/13/14              Marcus and Deneen

                    12/13/14              Thomas and Gaylynn

                    12/20/14              Barry and Tess 

                    12/20/14              Tony and Linice

                    12/26/14              Adama & Steven 

                    12/27/14              Garland and Valerie

    Valley Mansion

                    12/13/14              Wesley and Crystal 

                    12/13/14              Justin and Amanda 

                    12/20/14              Benjamin and Audrey 

                    12/27/14              Ryan and Rachel 


                    12/13/14              Clifton and Dekia

                    12/13/14              Steve and Arelia

                    12/20/14              Alix and Marie 

    Throwing the Perfect Cocktail Wedding Reception

    Last updated 1 month ago

    You likely want your wedding reception to be just as perfect as the ceremony. When you’re trying to stick to a budget, however, the idea of hosting a full-on reception and dinner can seem impossible. Fortunately, there’s an excellent solution that is both affordable and wonderful in the form of a cocktail wedding reception. Here are a few tips for planning yours:

    Choose an Amazing Wedding Reception Venue

    The beauty of a cocktail wedding reception is that you can hold it virtually anywhere and make it as formal and elegant or as laid back and relaxed as you like. Choosing a venue that is accustomed to holding large events and has an in-house caterer can save you even more time and money while providing a more formal atmosphere, but your options are pretty much limitless.

    Arrange for Catering

    A caterer can help you provide the most amazing selection of hors d’oeuvres while remaining well within your budget. Oftentimes, you can get an excellent variety of foods to accommodate a wide range of tastes without spending more than you’d planned on. Plus, your caterer will be able to estimate much more accurately than you probably can about how much food you actually need for the number of guests, which will reduce the chances of you running out or having far too many leftovers.

    Let Your Guests Know What to Expect

    Be sure that your invitations clearly state that you’re having a cocktail wedding reception, and briefly explain that this includes drinks and hors d’oeuvres only. You don’t want a crowd of people showing up expecting a full meal, or coming on an empty stomach and having too much to drink. You’ll also want to indicate the type of dress expected at the reception, whether causal, cocktail attire, or something else entirely to match a theme.

    At Martin’s Caterers in Baltimore, we can provide you with both the catering and the wedding reception venue you need to realize your perfect cocktail reception. Visit us online to learn more about what we can do for you, or call (410) 846-1543.

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