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Planning a Roast for Your Corporate Holiday Party

Bull Roasts Baltimore

This holiday season, there are many catering options for your corporate holiday party. It is an opportunity to provide employees with a fun end of the year celebration, which is why you should hire a caterer to make sure the food choices reflect that. For a memorable event, consider a roast from Martin’s Caterers.

A roast meal from a caterer can easily fit in with large corporate parties and offer plenty of food for everyone. From oyster roasts to bull roasts, there are plenty of options to provide a unique and delicious meal for all attendees. Oyster roasts offer the ability to cook a lot of food at once. Bull roasts offer professional carvers to serve the meat right beside the grill.

To plan your bull roast near Baltimore for your corporate holiday party, leave it to Martin’s Caterers. Hosting the event at one of Martin’s many locations can accommodate more intimate parties of 50 guests all the way up to 2,000. Off-premise catering can serve up to 5,000. For more information about our event catering, call (410) 944-9433.

How to Handle Allergies and Dietary Restrictions at Your Wedding

Caterer Baltimore

Planning your wedding in Baltimore can be stressful, especially making choices about the meal to serve guests. This can become complicated with allergies and dietary restrictions, particularly with larger weddings where there are more needs to be met. While it is not necessary to plan a wedding catering menu based entirely on the needs of select guests, there are ways you and your caterer can accommodate allergies and restrictions.

Notify Your Guests of Common Allergens Included in the Meal
Different food allergies have different levels of severity. While it is not always possible to let your guests know all of the ingredients included in the foods that you serve at your wedding, you can offer a disclaimer regarding certain foods. If you serve a dish with a peanut sauce, let your guests know it will be on the menu. You should also notify your caterer of any of your guests’ allergies so that they can plan accordingly. Often times, guests who have such allergies will notify you ahead of time.

Offer Multiple Meal Choices
A great way to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions is to offer multiple meal selections. It can be as simple as offering a vegetarian or vegan dish. Another great way to accommodate guests is to serve a buffet style meal. With a buffet, guests can pick and choose what they can eat. By offering a buffet with a variety of choices, there will be options for everyone.

Know That You Don’t Have to Please Everyone
It is important to keep in mind that the wedding is a celebration of the bride and groom. Remember that allergies and dietary restrictions are different from food preferences. Let your caterer know about different allergies and dietary restrictions, and they will be able to work with you to create a menu that meets those needs.

For the best in wedding catering serving Baltimore, look no further than Martin’s Caterers. To learn more about our exceptional service, call (410) 944-9433.

Hair Style Tips for Your Maid of Honor

As a maid of honor, your duties include helping the bride and wedding coordinator with some of the aspects of wedding planning. This includes making sure that the bride arrives on time and looking flawless at the wedding venue and wedding reception venue.

Watch this video for tips on helping the bride remain polished and gorgeous from the beginning of the wedding ceremony to the end of the wedding reception. A wedding planning expert shares hair and makeup secrets that will help you support the bride.

At Martin’s Caterers, we can help with every aspect of your wedding planning in Baltimore. Our talented and experienced wedding coordinators provide full-service wedding planning, including arranging a wedding venue, reception venue, and wedding catering services. To begin planning your wedding, call us today at (410) 944-9433.

Boxing Up the Perfect Midday Meal

Box Lunches Baltimore

Box lunches are convenient, healthy meals that are the perfect catering option for a variety of special events, big or small. Whether you’ve hired a caterer to provide food for a corporate meeting, seminar, trade show, expo, or other special event, box lunches are sure to please everyone.

Catering services typically offer box lunches that will satisfy any budget or dietary preferences. Your caterer will let you choose between box lunch packages that each include several sandwich options. You can add on salads, side options, desserts and beverages to further customize your box lunch choices.

If you’re planning a special event and need an experienced and reliable caterer in Baltimore, our event catering experts at Martin’s Caterers can help. We can provide box lunches to feed guests of 100 to 30,000 at your next special event, whether it’s a fundraiser, picnic, corporate meeting, trade show, expo, or seminar. To discuss our event catering services, call us today at (410) 944-9433.

Catering Tips for Your Next Business Conference

Corporate Event Venue Baltimore

Corporate meeting schedules are typically long and tiring for employees, and they deserve a catered meal that will revive them during their lunch or dinner break. A local event catering company can bring delicious box lunches or other catered food directly to your corporate event venue. Keep reading for helpful catering tips for your company’s next corporate meeting or seminar.

Event Catering Options for Breakfast
If your employees will be at a business seminar for the entire work day, you may want to offer them breakfast and lunch. Employees who begin the seminar after eating a healthy breakfast will be focused, content, and ready to learn and participate. Avoid serving sugary or highly fattening options like donuts, muffins, or pastries. Instead, choose a breakfast menu from your event catering service that includes eggs, whole grain breads or cereal, yogurt, fruit, and oatmeal.

Catered Box Lunches That Will Energize Employees
As employees approach their lunch or dinner break, they may feel fatigued and slow. Light, well-balanced box lunches from an event catering service can re-energize them and prepare them for the rest of the conference. Box lunches should include salad and sandwich options that include whole grain rolls, cheese, lean meats, seafood, chicken, and fresh vegetables. A box lunch that includes a balance of carbohydrates and proteins will stimulate your employees’ minds and encourage their participation.

Offer an Afternoon Snack
Rather than including dessert in your event catering menu, offer your employees an afternoon snack a couple of hours after their lunch break. A light, healthy afternoon snack will keep them on track for the rest of the business conference. Serve your employees cheese and crackers, fruit, and nuts. These snack options will reignite their mental fuel.

At Martin’s Caterers, we provide event catering services that include healthy, well-balanced box lunches in Baltimore. Our expert caterers can bring box lunches directly to your corporate event venue, keeping your employees busy, productive, and focused for your corporate meeting or seminar. For more information about our corporate catering services, call us today at (410) 944-9433.

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