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    Steps for Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Your wedding day is one of the most important events of your life, and it’s normal to feel a little bit stressed out when the big day arrives. Fortunately, with smart planning, you can take much of the stress out of your wedding day. In the months leading up to your wedding, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make including who you want to invite, whether you want your wedding to have a theme, and what venue you’ll choose for the big day. Picking the right wedding reception venue can alleviate some of your anxiety, so keep reading to learn how to find the perfect venue.

    Take Tours

    Whether you are planning on having a small, intimate wedding or a larger soiree, you’ll need a reception venue that can accommodate your guests. You can start your search by looking online for venues in your area, and by asking friends and family for recommendations based on weddings they’ve attended. Photos of the venue are helpful, but you’ll need to see the space in person to truly get a feel for what it’s like. Ask a few venues if you can visit them during a wedding, or at least schedule an appointment to be shown around. Being in the space will allow you to see whether you think it’s appropriate for your big day.

    Ask Questions

    Your wedding day is all about you, so it’s important to get the details out of the way for you to enjoy yourself once the occasion arrives. Speak with the venue’s representatives on the phone and in person, and don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions. The venue should be able to tell you exactly what will happen on your wedding day, and if there are any restrictions that you need to know about. If you don’t feel like your questions are being answered completely or you feel ignored, it may be time to move on to your next option.

    Martin’s Caterers is here to help you plan your wedding every step of the way. We offer beautiful venues in the Baltimore area, delicious cuisine, and outstanding service to put your mind at ease. Contact us at (410) 846-1543 to learn more about how we can make your wedding day even more special.

    Wedding Etiquette Tips for Guests

    Last updated 15 days ago

    Weddings are exciting events for everyone, not just the newly married couple. As a wedding guest, there are certain things you should avoid saying in your excitement to the bride and groom. Watch this video for wedding etiquette tips for guests.

    It’s easy to be swept up in the magic and romance of a wedding and say something that might accidentally be inappropriate. Avoid any mention of cost to the bride and groom, even if you mean it as a compliment. Don’t ask why certain friends or relatives aren’t present at the wedding, as this could be an uncomfortable subject. If you need help with something during the reception, find someone to ask besides the newlyweds. They’re usually so busy with greeting people that they won’t be able to give you the assistance you deserve.

    Whether you’re a wedding guest or about to get married yourself, there’s no better place to be than Martin’s Caterers. With stunning reception venues and delectable food, we are D.C.’s top choice when it comes to weddings. Call us at (410) 846-1543 or visit us online to learn more about our services. 

    Review for Martin's Caterers | "The hall was setup beautifully and the atmosphere was very nice."

    Last updated 1 month ago

    • on Wedding Wire
    • Our wedding reception at Martin’s East was fantastic. Joe Lanza went above and beyond the call of the duty to make sure everything went smoothly and that my wife and I as well as our families and guests were happy throughout the entire night . The reception was quite large with around 500 people invited but the attentiveness to small... More


    Review for Martin's Caterers | "Highly recommend this location for ANY celebration!"

    Last updated 1 month ago

    • on Wedding Wire
    • We celebrated our Pastors' 30th Anniversary celebration at Camelot by Martin's on Sun, June 1st, with over 350 persons in attendance -and not one of them was disappointed with their Martin's experience. Our banquet managers, Thomas and Harold, exhibited excellence extraordinaire! They met our needs before we even knew we had a need! The entire... More


    Martin's Caterers wants to congratulate all of our May couples!

    Last updated 2 months ago

    We are beyond happy for these beautiful May couples! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your wedding day. We wish you all a lifetime of love and happiness!

    Martin's West 

    05/03/14              Barry and Tiearra 
    05/03/14              Tim and Stephanie 
    05/10/14              Kyle and Jessica 
    05/11/14              Joey and Tina
    05/17/14              Michael and LaKeishia 
    05/17/14              Eric and Sarah 
    05/17/14              James and Sharon 
    05/18/14              Nicholas and Mina 
    05/18/14              Ali and Sakeena 
    05/24/14              Karl and Shavon 
    05/24/14              Hammad and Zainab 
    05/24/14              Oswaldo and Maria 
    05/25/14              John and Halie 
    05/25/14              Ventura and Keisha
    05/25/14              Tyler and Rachel 
    05/26/14              Ephraim and Letitia 
    05/26/14              Parker and Kayla 
    05/30/14              Reginald and Brandi 
    05/31/14              Dameon and Ieshia 
    05/31/14              George and Athena 
    05/31/14              Arjui and Michaela 
    05/31/14              Vincent and Tenika 
    05/31/14              Ben and Sylvia 

    Martin's Minster

    05/10/14              Kevin and Cassidy 
    05/10/14              Dan and Christy 
    05/24/14              Michael and Amanda
    05/25/14              Anthony and Tina 

    Martin's East 

    05/02/14              Chuck and Brigette 
    05/03/14              Christopher and Amanda 
    05/03/14              William and Jeanetta 
    05/10/14              Senai and Billen 
    05/18/14              David and Lauren 
    05/25/14              Ernest and Jasmine 
    05/25/14              Jerome and Vicki
    05/25/14              Rick and Leslie 
    05/26/14              Steven and Brandy 
    05/31/14              Edward and Kristen 
    05/31/14              Joshua and Yanina

    Martin's Crosswinds

    05/03/14              Steven and Lauren
    05/03/14              Christian and Johanie 
    05/09/14              Jerome and Janet 
    05/10/14              Ivan and Alisha 
    05/11/14              Abbas and Sarah 
    05/17/14              David and Patrice 
    05/17/14              Colonel and Gladys 
    05/17/14              Tega and Kadie 
    05/24/14              Steve and Jeanette 
    05/24/14              Shawn and Angelique 
    05/24/14              Robert and Meredith 
    05/24/14              Emmanuel and Brittany 
    05/24/14              Welman and Suleyma 
    05/25/14              Mr. and Ms. Tyrone 
    05/25/14              Nidhi and Ishan
    05/25/14              Mark and Zuhell 
    05/26/14              Mohamed and Ericka 
    05/26/14              Elohozino and Danella 
    05/30/14              Joshua and Danielle 
    05/31/14              Nelson and Lillie 
    05/31/14              Wayne and Aydee 
    05/31/14              Josh and Kiara

    Martin's Valley Mansion

    05/04/14              George and Michelle 
    05/17/14              Steve and Nickcole 
    05/26/14              Kevin and Heather 
    05/30/14              Ray and Marian 
    05/31/14              Mark and Christina 

    Martin's Camelot

    05/03/14              Daniel and Clarissa 
    05/09/14              Kwame and Paula 
    05/16/14              Jason and Kendra 
    05/17/14              Jordan and Kacie 
    05/24/14              John and Latoya 
    05/24/14              Christian and Chavondra 
    05/25/14              Tyrone and Corenthia
    05/26/14              Darren and LeMya 
    05/31/14              David and Vera 

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