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Congratulations July 2015 Couples!

We are so thrilled for the following couples who got married at one of our locations in July! We wish you all the loved and happiness in the world!

Martin's West
Benjamin and Angela
LeAundra and Samiyyah
Dishant and Khyati
Antonio and Erica
John and Tonya
Darrel and Nicole
Chris and Ciin
Alex and Jean
Prem and Sarah
Mychal and Adriana
Richard and Nestassja
John and Nikita
Lyncoy-e and Tiana
Damon and Pearl
James and Amy

Martin's Westminster
Russell and Ashley
Myles and Theresa

Martin's East
Jamal and Dawn
Jose and Kristin
Mohameed and Diana
Anton and Antoinette
Charles and Monica

Martin's Crosswinds
Vincent and Lisa
Bryan and Ebony
Antwon and Jimeisha
Kevin and Alexis
Charles and Pamela
David and Denia
Esrick and Tia
Aaron and Donielle
Vincent and Angela
Harry and Katima
Sidney and Margo
Kevin and Ayuna
Lee and Lisa
Jeff and Afia
Felix and Shauntae
Boris and Juvonne
Marcos and Corina

Martin's Valley Mansion
William and Jamila
Otis and Kathy
Ryan and Monica
Kenneth and Amber
David and Diane

Martin's Camelot
Ryan and Janae
Prince and Jwendy
Dia and Lydonna
Wayne and Kelli
William and Celenia
Kwisha and Sam
Boaz and Ngina

If you would like to become one of these happy couples, we would love to help you plan your dream wedding at one of our locations. Learn more here.

Factors to Consider When Booking a Wedding Venue

There are many possible places to choose from when it comes to picking a wedding venue in Baltimore. You will want to be sure to pick a location that suits all of your needs, so be sure to visit your venues of choice and ask plenty of questions. Read this article for more factors to consider when booking a wedding venue.

wedding venue in baltimore - martin's caterers

Know Your Preferences Ahead of Time

When visiting a venue, it is important to know your preferences so you can figure out the logistics. Have a rough idea of how many people will be on your guest list. This will help you narrow down the venues to look at. Seeing the location can also give you a better idea of how many people to invite, and you can see where everyone will sit. Think of the season you have chosen for your wedding. This can drastically affect your venue choice, as not all venues are suited to the different seasons. You will also want to be able to ask about temperature controls and season-specific accommodations for your guests.

Have the Wedding Theme or Feel in Mind

The venue you choose will affect the atmosphere and theme of your wedding. It is not easy to plan a specific style of wedding at just any venue. Have your ideas ready when looking at venues so you can see which one fits your vision just right. Knowing your theme early on, whether it is something like rustic country, urban, or minimalist, will also help you plan accordingly for decorations and activities.

Ask About the Services Provided

You will want to be informed about the venue’s particular services and amenities. Be sure to ask about specific services so that the venue suits you and your wedding just right. Find out whether the wedding venue offers full services. Some venues will include flowers, transportation services, rentals, and more, making it easy for you to enjoy your special day.

Martin’s Caterers is a full service event venue that offers a variety of services for your wedding needs. From caterers to entertainers and photographers, we have what you need to ensure that your day is truly special. Call (410) 944-9433 or visit us online for more information about our catering and reception services.

Choosing Your Wedding Song

One of the most memorable parts of a wedding reception is the wedding song you share with your partner. When planning a wedding, you will have to put some thought into finding the perfect song. Watch the following video for tips on choosing a song that you and your guests will remember forever.

Consider what type of couple you and your partner are. There are many songs out there about love and celebration, so listen to a number of songs and choose one that speaks to you. You can go with a song from your favorite genre, or one that breaks the mold of tradition. Have fun with your song choice, and let it be an expression of your love for each other.

When choosing a wedding venue in Baltimore, you can count on Martin’s Caterers to have everything you need. Call (410) 944-9433 today or visit us online for more information about our music entertainment and DJ services.

The History of Quinceaneras

Quinceaneras are exciting celebrations meant to welcome a young girl into womanhood. The day is all about the newly turned 15-year-old, and there is plenty of food, dancing, and fun to be had. If you are attending or planning a Quinceanera in Baltimore, read on to learn more about the meaningful tradition.

Early Roots of Quinceaneras

The tradition began with the Aztecs centuries ago, when both teenage boys and girls celebrated rites of passage. These ceremonies symbolized a shift from childhood into a life of responsibility and servitude. The community would thank the gods for the future mothers and fathers. When the Spanish came to South America, they infused the Quinceanera with the Christian traditions of pledging faith to God and also of presenting marriageable young women. Church celebrations are still an important part of the birthday celebration.

Traditions of the Quinceanera

Quinceaneras have always been about honoring a young woman’s maturity. This is marked by special rituals, such as the girl arriving in flat shoes and changing into high heels. The family might hold a mass to give thanks for the young girl’s emergence into womanhood. The birthday girl also enjoys a first dance as a woman with her father. The girl wears a beautiful dress, which most often used to be handmade by a family member. Today, many girls prefer elegant gowns bought from a store. However she chooses to celebrate, the event is meant to be about the young woman.

Modern Day Celebrations

Many traditions have stayed the same, but some have changed over time, especially as the celebration became popular in the U.S. in the 1930s. A Quinceanera celebration continues to signify to a young girl that she is entering adulthood. Today the parties often feature a cake, formal dinner, and presents. Parents will sometimes adorn their young daughter with a crown, as well. Girls nowadays are more apt to go for a “sweet sixteen” style celebration and blend the cultures. Because a Quinceanera is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is sure to be extravagant.

If you are looking for a large venue for your Quinceanera near Baltimore, come to Martin’s Caterers for quality service and hosting. Call (410) 944-9433 today to speak with one of our event planners, or visit us online for more information.


Spotlight on Box Lunches

Catering is an important part of hosting events like seminars, fundraisers, and corporate events. Martin’s Caterers near Baltimore can help make this easy for you by providing delicious box lunches. Martin’s Caterers is the largest provider of box lunch catering in Maryland. We prepare and deliver more than one million box lunches each year for all kinds of events and gatherings.

Box lunches have something for everyone. Options include The Traditional, with deli sandwiches and various wraps; The International, with different styles of sandwiches including Greek pitas and Italian hoagies; and The Gourmet Selection, with grilled tenderloin beef and various gourmet salads. Additional to salads, we offer side dishes such as pasta salad, potato salad, black bean and corn salad, and homemade Chesapeake Slaw. All box lunches include napkins and plastic ware for your convenience. Desserts and beverages are available upon request, as well as bread substitutes.

Make your event a success with catering done by Martin’s Caterers. Call (410) 944-9433 today or visit us online for more information about our box lunches and other catering services.

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